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All-in uniform booth: 3 375 EUR

The event layout is unique and ensures that visitors automatically walk past all the uniform modules and around the exhibitors' display plinths. This means that visitors move smoothly and easily through the stands, increasing the number of 'first contacts'. You can take part in PROTOTYPING by reserving one or more modules.
Price: 3 375 EUR for the first module and 2 875 EUR per extra module.

The uniform all-in stand comprises

  • the basic stand with a wall (3m large x 2m height), a tablet (1,5m large; 0,5m deep; 1m height), carpet, nameplate
  • general lighting (spots on truss)
  • 1 multi-socket electrical outlet
  • 1 display plinth
  • wifi
  • catering for exhibitors and visitors

Price for a starters module: 1 250 EUR

Do you have any further questions? Call Emilie Ghyselen!
T. + 32 056 24 11 11 or mail