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Février 2020
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Mercredi 5 février 2020

15:00 - 15:30
PROVAN and its Industry 4.0 journey
Peter Tans
CEO | Provan
Als ‘Factory of the Future’ winnaar van het eerste uur in 2015 is PROVAN niet op z’n lauweren blijven rusten. De drang naar innovatie en optimalisatie heeft er immers voor gezorgd dat PROVAN ook in 2018 een tweede keer deze prestigieuze award mocht ontvangen.
Quick Response Manufacturing & Early Supplier Involvement zijn 2 belangrijke protagonisten in dit verhaal en vormen een belangrijke basis om te blijven excelleren als een innovatieve ‘one-stop shop’ toeleverancier. Deze lange termijn strategie wordt vandaag vertaald naar concrete Industry 4.0 milestones die een logisch vervolg zijn van het ‘Factory of the Future’ verhaal.
15:30 - 16:00
Designing the fastest bike in the world.
Raman Garimella & Siemen Moens
PhD Researcher - Product Design and Engineering | Voxdale
In 2018, Tour Magazin chose the Ridley Noah Fast as the best-developed and most aerodynamic bike of the year. Siemen Moens and Raman Garimella of Voxdale will explain how co-creation, hi-tech simulation tools, and the use of new materials combine to produce the world's fastest bike.
16:00 - 16:30
Advanced process and asset control with AI
Simon Logghe
Commercieel Directeur | ML6
"Simon Logghe is commercial director at the Ghent-based Machine Learning company ML6, one of the fastest growing technology companies in Belgium with affiliates in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Simon will explain how ML6 combines state of the art research with publicly available software and technology to build next level applications for manufacturing companies. Based on image and sensor data, ML6 has developed multiple self learning applications for quality control, process modeling, predictive maintenance, asset control, etc. Simon will explain a couple of these projects in his talk.
16:30 - 17:00
Abstract : Group VR, the next step in VR
Kurt Doornaert
Director Virtual Reality Experience | Barco
5 years ago VR headsets got introduced to the world. It triggered all kind of different industries to start exploring the possibilities of VR, to try to define in which of their processes VR can bring value wether it is in sales, marketing, design, engineering, manufacturing, after sales services...
More and more industries are reaching a point where they start to look into the next step, how to bring VR to the meeting room, to the board room,
to a group of people working with VR with active interaction and collaboration, being able to see each other while working in group with VR.
In this session you will learn more about group VR solutions, how to go beyond the headsets and how to combine group VR solutions with headsets, about the ROI cases for group VR used in automotive, natural resources, construction, manufacturing...How can industries new to VR learn from these long term users and apply it for their business cases.

Jeudi 6 février 2020

15:00 - 15:30
How digitalization is transforming our business model
Jan Dekock
Senior Research & Development engineer | Vyncke
Introducing Sm@rtplant, Vyncke’s IIOT and AI solution whereby we aim at a self-learning and auto tuning ecosystem for biomass installations; leads to a transformation of the company: machine data drives and improves our engineering and business process.
15:30 - 16:00
Ontwikkeling van een innovatieve behandelingstafel voor radiotherapie bij borstkanker
Max Schoepen
Doctorandus aan Ugent en UZ Gent |
Overzicht van verschillende fases in een succesvol co-creatietraject tussen de dienst radiotherapie van UZ Gent en de ontwerpers van Ugent. - Tijdens de ontwikkeling van een behandelingstafel voor radiotherapie, creëerde de bestralingsomgeving technische uitdagingen, naast als het prioritaire patiëntencomfort.
Een breed gamma aan prototyping werd ingezet om aan deze bijzondere randvoorwaarden te voldoen. Verschillende generaties worden getoond, gaande van gefreesde PU tot aan carbon composieten
16:00 - 16:30
Our brilliant journey in a revolutionary Automotive industry
Luk Hiltrop
CEO | TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity Oostkamp is a "Factory Of The Future" since 2016 and a 2-time winner of the award. The FOF-approach has supported us in our strategy to survive as an entity in a large multinational with 100 factories around the globe. Not only our innovative manufacturing processes, but especially our focus on a human centered organization has helped us to get ready for a future in the transformational Automotive business. The slogan of our company and its 700 employees is "Brilliant Together". The session will provide insight on the approach and how we are providing answers to the challenges in our industry.
16:30 - 17:00
Gillet Vertigo, Belgische supercar, het verhaal van een snelle droom
Tony Gillet
CEO | Gillet Automobiles (franstalige presentatie!)
De Gillet Vertigo is het enige Belgische sportwagenmerk. Ontstaan uit een verleden in de racerij, verpulvert dit icoon accelleratierecords. Elk onderdeel wordt manueel gemaakt , elke afgeleverde auto is op maat van de klant. Het verhaal van een uniek huzarenwerkje op vlak van engineering, materiaalgebruik, productie op heel laag volume. Dit alles gericht op een exclusief eindresultaat met topprestaties.
17:00 - 17:30
Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing
Dirk Torfs
CEO | Flanders Make
Flanders Make is the reference research center for Industry 4.0. We create impact through circular research collaboration ecosystems involving companies and research actors.

SMEs and Large companies are equally presented in the ecosystem, coupled with knowledge actors. They are jointly creating impact on the competitiveness of companies leading to accelerated revenue and employee growth. During the presentation, insides on the 2019 results of an Industry 4.0 survey will be presented. Furthermore, several industry 4.0 inspirational results from our research based upon success stories will be explained giving attendants ideas for implementations in there industrial environment. After the presentation people will be invited by VOKA and Flanders Make for a networking drink.


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